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Robert Hall

“There are several youth in our group who felt lonely. There was a young man who never felt like he fit in. When Rise Together visited, he was overwhelmingly accepted and loved. He testified later he now has more friends than he could have ever imagined.

Executive Director, Children of the King

From ACAN Youth

I have been fortunate enough to live a pretty comfortable life so far, but this has helped me realize just how blessed I am, and that I should do better at noticing people suffering around me.

“The New Mexico trip has taught me about friendship, about love, and about life. It might sound a little exaggerated, but this trip had really shown and given me an idea of how I should live my life and how I should help others live their lives.”

On one of the last nights at the camp, a girl my age gave a testimony about her homeless life with her mother for a number of years before she finally got a home. That was the moment I realized how privileged I am and how many things I’ve taken for granted for the past 16 years of my life.

“Rise Together is not only a volunteer organization, but also a place where we communicate, learn, and grow. It was a place where we can show our true selves and receive love and support.”

Ultimately, Rise Together does not simply help those in need. Rise Together also equips the volunteers that are part of it with the skills to better serve those in need outside of the scope of the organization. For the volunteers, Rise Together is a springboard to help students become more altruistic in their own communities. For those we serve, Rise Together provides a way to build supportive friendships and for access to new opportunities and experiences.

“All of these experiences have been absolutely life-changing, as I and all the volunteers got to connect and form lifelong friendships with the underprivileged children, and deliver love and compassion to the homeless – inspiring all of us to make the world greater.”

It is not just me helping those kids, they are actually helping me too. Before participating in this activity, I was a bit introverted and shy. However, during the process of participating in this, I met many new friends. And through participating in basketball, chess, badminton and other activities, my personality has become more optimistic and cheerful.

“I can’t exactly speak for the kids and their experiences but from my experience, I can tell that as I hang around the kids, my perspective on different subjects also widens. The soft skills that I gained from volunteering at COTK have helped me in a variety of other activities, like tutoring kids in China English. By working with these kids on a weekly basis in person, it taught me new ways to interact with them and bring joy to them. In my opinion, the most important part of participating in Rise Together was the friendships I made and the conversations I had.”

This trip definitely opened my eyes in the way that not everyone is as lucky to have the things that I have that I take for granted. I taught me to be more grateful for what I have and learn to give back to the people who aren’t as lucky.

“Camping at Enchanted Rock was really fun, and I am thankful to have had this experience. I got to clear my head during those days and forget about school and other worries. But, the highlight of this trip were the kids. I learned their names, chatted, played, explored, and did many, many other activities with them, too. Hearing some of their backgrounds was saddening but still glad in a way that I got to meet them.”

“I was very surprised about how nice all the adults were, especially the leaders that take care of the underprivileged kids, it was very inspiring to see how the kids treat those people like their own family. It was also amazing to see how they spend so much of their time and love on those kids.” 

From ACAN Parents


“孩子回家用一字概括这次活动:Fulfilling. 非常感谢用心组织,希望下次还有机会 参与。” 



Awards & Recognitions

2023 Project of the Year

Project Rise Together won the Silver Award of the 2023 National Project of the Year.

2021 Project of the Year

Project Rise Together won the Third Place Award of the 2021 National Project of the Year.

2022 Project of the Year

Project Rise Together won the Silver Award of the 2022 National Project of the Year.

2021 People’s Choice

Project Rise Together won the People’s Choice Award of the 2021 National Project of the Year.

Project Rise Together won a $500 grant from the Civic Leadership Academy in 2022.

Project Rise Together won a $500 grant from the Civic Leadership Academy in 2023.


Project Rise Together received a $2000 donation from APAPA to support the Enchanted Rock Trip in April 2022.