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2021 Rise Together Enchanted Rock Executive Summary

Project Rise Together is an initiative to help less fortunate kids and to bridge the gap between different cultures in an outdoor setting. During the week of April 9-11 2021, 11 ACAN youth were able to go camping with 27 kids from Children of the King (COK) at Enchanted Rock State Park. During the trip, we were able to connect […]

Volunteer at Central Texas Food Bank

“As we work, we become united; we help each other without even needing to be asked– a hand to lift a heavy box there, or moving boxes out of their way.” At first glance, the food bank does not look like a food bank. The building is quite large, and seems to be impossibly clean, which is exactly the opposite […]

Living in a Fearful World

Dear Reader, The world we live in is a world full of anxiety, stress, and doubt. This is not a new discovery, but it isn’t a topic that we teenagers reflect upon often. However, the truth still stands: we live in a world of fear. In fact, a while ago, my dad said this: “I’ve been alive for XX years, […]