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Bags of Hope

Bags of Hope

This holiday season, ACAN youth and parents will volunteer to deliver “Bags of Hope” that contain essential items to the homeless community in the Austin/Travis County metropolitan area. You can join us by donating or volunteering.

Most homeless people aren’t able to get the food and nutrition that they need. Although we won’t be able to combat all challenges the homeless community is facing, we can provide some help by packaging and distributing essential items in “Bags of Hope” to them.

Items to put in a Bag of Hope (Click the link to see the product samples on Amazon):

*Total cost per bag is around ~$10-$12

How to participate:

Both youth and parents can participate in this project by:

Donating materials: you can donate any items similar to the examples above. Drop off at the donation centers in the Westwood or Westlake area.

Packing bags: you can stop by the packing centers in the Westwood or Westlake area to help pack bags. Contact Gloria or Catherine for packing time availability.

Distributing bags: you can help deliver the bags to the homeless community (only if you feel comfortable and necessary safety and health precautions are taken); All responsibilities and liabilities are on your own if you decide to do so.

Donation/Packing Centers:

Westwood area: 9806 Tree Bend Dr. Austin TX 78750 (Gloria Wu 737-217-0464)

Westlake area: 6905 Crosby Cir. #25, West Lake Hills TX 78746 (Catherine Tu 512-589-8176)


Youth can obtain volunteer hours through this project. Adult supervisors will sign volunteer hour sheets.


Parents can join the ACAN Youth WeChat group

Youth can join the ACAN Youth Discord Server at: https://discord.gg/9VTSe7q 

If you have any questions, please contact Gloria Wu, the youth leader for this project at gloriawu2014@gmail.com or 737-217-0464

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