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This is a page dedicated to introducing

Rise Together’s values, leadership team,

and partnerships.

The Problem

Rise Together is founded upon serving local children and youth that are from single parent families, live in poverty or dangerous neighborhoods, or any other similar situations.

The Solution

Our project aims to provide local youth with the opportunity and resources to participate in outdoor adventures, as well as to develop friendships with different communities.

Mission and Vision


To support and connect with the community through ongoing initiatives.


In 2022, we are continuously looking for opportunities to expand our project


Led by youth
Build connections
Develop partnerships


Children of the King

Children of the King (COTK) is a nonprofit organization that provides after school care for the underprivileged children in the Round Rock area.

Manhood Achievement Network

Manhood Achievement Network (MAN) is a nonprofit organization supporting youth in Houston, Texas.

Table of Grace

Table of Grace is a nonprofit organization that provides emergency shelter services to youth in the foster care system in the Round Rock area.

Our Team

Gloria Wu

Team Lead

Angela Yue

Website Design

Benjamin Li


Matthew Rao



Rise Together is a collaborative project led by ACAN Youth. If you are passionate about serving people and developing your leadership skills, please join us! Contact Gloria Wu to schedule an interview or join us in one of upcoming activities.